Where can you watch the rally?

There are two spectator spots to watch the rally on Saturday 4thMay. 

  1. Koolachu Road. 
  2. Bowen Foreshore – The Grand View Street Stage of 1KM

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The Koolachu Road. You can park your car and watch the rally. 

1st Car Due:           8:02 and 12:40 (Approx)

How to get to Koolachu

Please allow at least 30 minutes to drive from Proserpine Showgrounds to this spectator point.  Note that this route includes narrow gravel roads.  Please travel slowly and beware of traffic.

From Proserpine Showgrounds (reset your tripmeter from gate of Showgrounds) go straight past Anzac Road then turn right at T-Junction into Main Street and follow to Blair Road (before BP Service Station).  Turn left into Blair Street and then turn left onto Bruce Highway towards Bowen.  Go straight on past the Airlie Beach turnoff and follow the Highway for 4.77kms, then turn left off the Highway onto Up River Road and cross railway line with care.  Follow Up River Road for 5.6kms then turn right into Riley Road (gravel) and follow.  After about 2.5kms,  stop before the road closure and Spectator officials, do a U turn and park on the edge of the road facing the way you came.  Walk to the marked spectator point and follow the directions of officials.

Rally Cars will approach at speed from your right and will turn right over the rail line, then right again and head away from you before turning left.  You will be able to see the cars for about 250 metres.

To return to Proserpine, simply retrace your steps carefully back to Riley Road, Up River Road and the main Highway.  If you are going to Bowen, turn left onto the Highway and follow the directions for Spectator Point 2. Please take any rubbish with you and help to keep the countryside clean.”

Information about Bowen Foreshore – The Grand View Street Stage of 1KM

You will have several spots to watch the rally from the Bowen Foreshore.

  • Bowen Foreshore
  • Grand View Hotel
  • In the middle of the 1KM Circuit.

The cars are expected to race from from 3.30pm to 430pm. 

Bring your chair, picnic basket and watch the rally from the Bowen Foreshore, the centre circuit between Santa Barbara and Dalrymple Street or direct from the Grand View Hotel. This event is not to be missed!

If you want to watch the rally from within the circuit, you can access this area at all times except from 2pm to 4.30pm where the circuit will be closed for the rally race. If you are within the circuit you will not be able to leave this area. 

There are toilets within this closed circuit area.  

A spectator bus is available for $15 per person, to watch the 12.40pm Rally Whitsundays at Koolachu Road, then onto Bowen to watch the 3.30pm 1KM speed circuit. Return trip departure 6.15pm.

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Download Spectator Instructions