Be a festival volunteer for the first ever Whitsundays Festival of Motoring 2019!

Being a Volunteer at the Whitsundays Festival of Motoring 2019 is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger, exciting and unforgettable.

This is our chance to come together and showcase what the Whitsundays region exuberates; from its beautiful surroundings to its amazing local community. We look forward to putting together a memorable experience for all motor enthusiasts, athletes and the entire Whitsundays community. 

Volunteer Roles for Rally & Festival

  • Festival Marshalls
  • Festival Operation Assistants 
  • Rally Whitsundays volunteer official (information sheet)

There are a range of different roles and capabilities that we are seeking. Some roles will require specific rally experience where you work directly with the rally and we have roles working with the festival that require customer service or organisational skills. Some roles are front of house, meaning that they are customer service roles and roles that are back of house, meaning helping us behind the scene with the smooth operation of the festival.

Application forms are located at the bottom of this page!

Event Role Locations

The roles for the festival will be at Airlie Beach, Abell Point Marina, Bowen Foreshore, Proserpine Showgrounds and Mantra Club Croc.  

Training Information 

Experienced rally and event staff will train all volunteers. Training will be held on Tuesday 30th April.  This training is highly recommended to ensure you are equipped with the information necessary to perform your role.

  • When : Tuesday 30th April
  • Duration: 1.15hours
  • Select your session
  • Session 1 : 11am to 12.15 at Lure, Abell Point Marina
  • Session 2: 6pm to 7.15pm at Mantra Club Croc


  • Where do I find out more about my role?

Once you are offered a voluntary role, you will be able to find out more about your assigned team and role by attending the training session and meeting members of your team.

  • What can I expect from the training days? 

There will be an introductory session to introduce the Volunteer Program and a role specific induction to ensure that you have all the required information about your role. Role-specific training will detail the responsibilities of the appointed role.  

  • What days are available to volunteer? 

You can volunteer on any day from Friday 3rdof May to Sunday 5thof May. 

There will be some operational assistants roles from Monday 29thApril to Thursday 2ndMay to assist in the set up. Let us know if you can help!

  • What time and shift length are the shifts?  

The shift times per day will be allocated any time from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Please note that shifts per person will be 4-8-hour shifts.

  • Can I volunteer with my bestie or partner? 

Of course! If you would like to volunteer on the same shifts as your mates please do inform us in advance by filling out the details on the Volunteer Expression of Interest Form. 

  • How many shifts do you expect me to do? 

We would be delighted if you could help us with 2 shifts. However, we do understand if you are able to do 1. Please ensure that you put in your availability on the form 

  • When will I get my roster?

We discuss your shift with you when you register for the training.

  • What will I receive as a Volunteer?

As a Volunteer you will receive training and supervision from experienced rally and event staff. You will also have the opportunity to work within a team and festival environment and contributing to the success of the Whitsunday Festival of Motoring. All Volunteers will receive a certificate of appreciation. 

  • What will I be required to wear a uniform? 

All volunteers are required to wear the assigned festival t-shirt while on shift. We recommend you wear comfy, closed toe shoes.  The t-shirt can be picked up from 29 April at Mantra Club Croc.  This will be informed to you at the training. 

Where and when can I pick up my volunteer t-shirt?

You can pick up your volunteer t-shirt on Tuesday 30th at Mantra Club Croc. Meet in the lounge area of the cafe/resturant on the ground floor.

Pick up times

  • 8am to 10am – Mantra Club Croc
  • 1pm to 5pm – Mantra Club Croc

Yes you can pick up a t-shirt for someone else too!

  • Do I need to be over 18 years ?

Yes. You must be over 18 years of age unless an authorised club has been accepted 

  • Where can I apply for a Rally Whitsundays Official?

You can apply for a Rally Whitsundays Official by completing the forms below or click here to go to the page.

All Volunteers will be an essential part in assisting the team in the successful delivery of the Whitsundays Festival of Motoring 2019

To register, please complete the application form and return to

If you have any queries about volunteering please call us on 0404 857 321.

Information Sheets & Application Forms (click & download the below)

Festival Volunteer – Information Sheet

Festival Volunteer – Application Form

Rally Whitsundays – Information Sheet

Rally Whitsundays – Application Form